Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Last week was a bit crazy for me! I wanted to post about this earlier but never quite got around to it. I’ve recently acquired a love for buffalo chicken. Mostly thanks to Red Robin’s Buzz Clucks & Mac andbuffalochicken Cheese. That meal, however, is horrendously bad for you, even on the eating out scale. So it’s something I’ve had to ban myself from eating except on the rare treat myself occasion.

When I saw this recipe for buffalo chicken sandwiches, I thought it might be a nice way to scratch that craving in a healthier way. (Disclaimer: This recipe is horrendous in sodium, I hadn’t thought about that at the time)

It’s the easiest crock pot recipe I’ve done yet. Place the chicken breasts in the crockpot, dump a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce on top. Cook on either low or high depending on how much time you have, shred the chicken, return it to the sauce and it’s done! (There’s an optional step for stirring in greek yogurt to the sauce at the end before adding the shredded chicken back in. This cools it down a bit. It was still deliciously spicy even with this step)

I ate mine as a sandwich. You could serve it plain, or in any number of ways. If I repeat this recipe, I think I may try it as a wrap or topped on a salad.

For a side, I had raw sugar snap peas. They were a nice crispy cool contrast to the sandwich! It sort of fills the same role as celery does.

One thing that would be delicious on top of this would be ranch or bleu cheese dressing. I didn’t go for any additional toppings, but I would definitely provide something like that if serving to a group.

Repeat recipe? Probably not. I was tired of it by the end of the week. Plus It’s so very high in sodium and it’s just not an impressive lunch. I’ll keep this in the recipe books in case I’m ever trying to think of something different for a BBQ, but for personal meals, I probably won’t make it again.

Find the recipe here: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches