Slow Cooker Turkey Taco Chili

chiliThis week I decided to do a massive pot of turkey chili for my work lunches. It felt like something relatively simple that would be easy to take to work. It may not extraordinarily exciting but for the moment my goal for my lunches is simplicity and quantity. I want to be able to make a big batch of food that will last me the week. Chili seemed to fit the bill.

To be honest, I never used to be a fan of chili. I wasn’t a big bean person and I’m still not crazy about soups. But since my dad died, I find myself craving chili from time to time. It’s a way to feel closer to him.

So off I went to lady Google. I snagged the first turkey crock pot chili recipe that looked reasonable in terms of ingredients/ease. After starting the recipe it occurred to me that it’s actually a taco chili recipe (I guess that explains the call for taco seasoning). When I’m chowing down the chili doesn’t scream taco themed to me, but toss in some of the optional toppings and I can totally see it.

I didn’t follow this recipe 100%, mostly due to missing a few ingredients. For whatever reason my recipe/shopping app didn’t show the two types of red beans correctly, so I only ended up with one can of kidney beans. But it was for the best. My medium sized crock-pot was filled to the brim with what I had and the chili is hearty. I don’t feel like it is lacking beans at all. I will probably leave out the extra can of red kidney beans in the future. Until I get a bigger crock pot there is no additional room for food in that thing.

I was also apparently incorrect in my assumption that I had chili powder at home. Which I realize is slightly ironic given what I was cooking. I tossed in cayenne pepper for some spice. Between this and the taco seasoning, the missing chili pepper isn’t obvious.

Finally the only optional ingredient I’ve added is light sour cream. The other suggestions in the recipe (cheese, crushed tortilla chips, salsa, etc) sound so good but I cut them out to save on calories. I’ll totally have them on the table if I ever cooked this for a group.

I turned it into 7 meals so I have all 5 meals for this week and two frozen bags for an easy work lunch in the future.

Find the Recipe here from Gimmie Some Oven