Ultimate Turkey Burgers

I may have mentioned in the past that we substitute turkey for beef in a lot of classic recipes (spaghetti, tacos, chili, etc). It’s one of those changes that tends to be very easy for us. I’m honestly not aware of the difference when eating food like this. Turkey bacon may never truly fool my taste buds, but turkey tacos? They still taste delicious in a tortilla.

Our newest turkey edition to our recipe list is Jeff’s Ultimate Turkey Burgers. This recipe has become a favorite of ours in recent months. It’s a delicious turkey burger that feels like a treat instead of a healthier alternative. We’ve had to make some adjustments to taste over time. The original recipe tasted quite salty to both of us. But beyond that, the burger is so yummy and satisfying.

20150602_182450The ingredients for the original recipe are minced shallot, seasoned salt, kosher salt, garlic powder, ground black pepper, light mayo, Tabasco chipotle sauce, and worcestershire sauce.

I’m normally really not an onion person – even when it’s finally chopped within a recipe. I’ll try and eat around them. But I decided to go ahead and try them in this recipe since I wasn’t familiar with shallots. And I really enjoyed it! So I may be less suspicious of seeing shallots in the recipe in the future.

As I previously mentioned, the original recipe was very salty to both of us. I completely cut out the kosher salt, and still found it to be on the salty side. This last time I also reduced the amount of seasoning salt and found that it to be much more satisfying. I also like to add garlic

20150604_185617This burger is just so delicious. I could easily at the patty by itself and enjoy myself. It doesn’t need a lot of sauces piled on top. The only thing we missed this time was romaine lettuce on top! There’s always something we forget at the store, even with our lists….

I don’t think we’ll be making any more beef burgers at home with this recipe in our collection. And I have a Greek turkey burger I look forward to trying soon!

Check out Jeff’s Ultimate Turkey Burgers!