This website is a personal project of mine to support me and my husband’s goals to cook fresh food more often. Most of our meals at home consist of a frozen meal for two plopped in the skillet. This was okay for a few years but now we’re both ready to start cooking real food – the kind of food we ate at home.

I’m also trying to take yummy home made lunches to work more frequently. It makes me happier than eating frozen lean cuisine and also reduces the temptation to wander into the bar down the street to see what the lunch specials are.

This blog is an attempt to keep me motivated and to give me something to look back at in the future to see my progress and what (didn’t) work.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably family/friend checking out my little pet project. Thank you! Hopefully this isn’t dead within a few months (or if it is, I hope we’re still cooking).


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