Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

Someone thought I wouldn't notice him sneaking a bite.

Someone thought I wouldn’t notice him sneaking a bite.

One of the first recipes I did in my crock-pot a few years ago was chicken teriyaki. It’s a favorite meal for both of us and it was easy to take to work. So it was an obvious choice when I was meal planning.

Almost no prep work for this one. Toss the chicken in, mix the sauces in another bowl with minced garlic grated ginger, toss that on top and cook on low1. I started it in the morning and when I got home from work, the kitchen smell fantastic. I tossed some rice into the rice cooker and pulled out the chicken breasts for final prep. I was a little over zealous with shredding the chicken (it just fell apart). Next time I’ll probably try to leave bigger chunks.

The last step is to strain the sauce and thicken it in a saucepan with cornstarch. This is probably the most “difficult” step for me. I never feel like it’s consistency really changes. But Mike claims he can see the difference. I decided to just let him do the last step.

We probably got 3 meals (6 servings) out of this recipe. We had two meals this week and will have a frozen meal for the future. The green beans featured in this picture were also made by Mike. He sauteed some fresh ginger, garlic and green onion in olive oil, stir fried a frozen bag of green beans in that and finally added soy sauce cooking it down. He says his green beans were “okay”. I say delicious!

The verdict on the chicken? We both agree it’s just okay. I think for me the orange marmalade added too much of an citrus taste to the meal. That’s a legitimate choice but not what either of us look for in our teriyaki. It was good for a few meals but I think I’ll look for a different recipe the next time we crave teriyaki chicken.


Oh and a handy tip for left over rice after a meal. Mike and I have been dong this for years. Freeze it! Take saran wrap and put a single serving of rice in the middle forming a flat rectangle. Wrap the rice up and plop it in the freezer. The next time you need rice for a meal pull up the saran wrap just a little bit to allow it to vent. Cook for a few minutes on 50% power and then cook for a couple more minutes at normal power. The left over rice will be closer to the desired texture. Even if I’m planning on using rice the next day I’ll do this, rather than stick it in the fridge. That just dries it out. I didn’t think to snag a picture of ours but we do pretty much the same thing featured here.

Overall the meal was enjoyable. The chicken was easy. Maybe my problem was with the brand of orange marmalade I used but if I try this recipe again I’ll probably leave it out altogether.

This was also my first time leaving the crock-pot unintended. Even though I knew that it’s a normal thing people do it was still slightly terrifying for me. So perhaps the biggest success to me of this meal was arriving home to find my kitchen still in-tact!

We may do sandwiches or wraps with the leftovers…*ponders*

Find the recipe at Cooking Classy

I cooked it on low for 9 hours instead of the recommended 5. I was talking to my co-worker about my problem with a lot of these recipes is that it requests for a shorter time than my work day. She told me she often lets it cook on low until she gets home. So I took her advice! Maybe one I’ll have one of those fancy crock pots that has a delay timer or automatic switch to low. But for now, just letting it stay on worked! The chicken/sauce didn’t feel at all overcooked.


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